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Welcome to 
Wolves Motion

As a creative studio, we specialize in the art of animation and visual storytelling to tell your brand story like never before.


Amplify your marketing message with cleaner, clearer, and sleeker visuals.


Read more below to see how your business can grow with our services.

What we offer

We bring together multiple styles of video production including, 3D visualization, 2D animation as well as high-end 3D animation to ensure our client's videos get the impact they deserve.

3D Visualization

Have a concept that you can visualize in your head but can’t quite bring to life?

We turn your rough drawings and sketches into an intricate, life-like detailed scene. 

Static images that look so real, you would think it is a photograph.


We create static 3D images that capture the meticulous angles & perfect atmosphere that breathes life into that idea of yours.

Our range of 3D visualization services include:

- 3D Product / Character Modelling

- 3D Texturing

- 3D Architectural Rendering

- 3D Product / Character Rendering


3D Animation / CGI

How many businesses out there have animations to the standards of Pixar?
Not many. This is why you rarely see 3D animation utilized in marketing materials. 

Become the creative pioneers in your industry to market through scroll-stopping animated videos. 3D animation is engaging, immersing, and the next big thing in the thoughtful-marketing space.

We’re proud to showcase the 3D animation services your business could use: 

- 3D Character Animation

- 3D Product Animation

- 3D Architectural Animation Walkthrough

- 360 Virtual Tour

- 3D TV Commercial / Advertising Reel


2D Animation/ Motion Graphic

Only have a few seconds to impress your audience? This is your first (and most important) interaction with your customer, so tell them one heck of a story they would never (ever) forget.

Look good and feel good with these 2D Animation Services:

- 2D Character Animation

- 2D Product Animation

- 2D Infographic Video

- 2D Explainer Video 

- 2D Motion Graphic

- 2D Corporate Video


Storyboard Illustrations

What happens in Toy Story 3? Did Anna and Elsa make it out alive? 


Every blockbuster is going to need storyboards and illustrations. 

Our job is to help you tell your stories, magically and convincingly.

With sketches and drawings that are easy to understand, you can almost feel the emotions from a storyboard.


VFX (Visual Effects) and Finishing

You just spend 100+ hours shooting a video. Now, you want the clouds to move, or the actor to look a little more friendly in the final version of the video. Our VFX and finishing services are the little but crucial touch-ups that your video needs to establish itself as solid, commercial-grade collateral that will wow your audience. We provide pre- or post-consultation for VFX and finishing as well, so you can avoid early mishaps and plan a few steps ahead!

Let's Work Together

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